About Us

Dar Al Wafa is a professional firm that provides tailored facilities management services to the hospitality sector in the UAE, mostly in the Emirates of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Dar Al Wafa was founded in the metropolitan city of Dubai and soon grew to become one of the major business support service providers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), owing to the company's strong reputation as a quality-focused business organization.


Dar Al Wafa recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility in its business strategy and is equally devoted to the well-being of its workers and the larger community that it serves. Dar Al Wafa employs a team of highly motivated individuals who all get the full range of benefits provided by law. Staff members are chosen through a strict recruitment procedure. In addition, the firm conducts comprehensive training to instill the fundamental principles of Dar Al Wafa and assist workers in improving their personal and professional behavior, notably in terms of grooming, language ability, and overall attitude.

Our Introduction

Our customers, in particular, have been able to minimize the following operational expenditures by outsourcing facility management tasks:

  • Recruitment.
  • Medical, Visa & Residence.
  • Training & Induction.
  • Performance Appraisal.
  • Health Insurance & Workmen Compensation Insurance.
  • Occupational Health Card.
  • Staff Accommodation.
  • Staff Transportation.
  • Uncertainty on Performance of Staff Recruited (Resignation or Termination).

Dar Al Wafa provides continuous, high-quality professional facility management services, giving our customers peace of mind as well as significant cost savings. There will be no more difficulties in recruiting or dealing with incompetent employees, as well as concerns about compensation claims, yearly holidays, and salary increments. Outsourcing your property management responsibilities is unquestionably a wise business decision that has an immediate beneficial influence on your company while providing much bigger benefits in the long term.

  • Re-recruitment if the staff fails to achieve productivity standards or Suddenly Resigns.

  • Turn around period for recruitment on resignation or Termination.
  • Leave Settlements.
  • Air Ticketing.
  • Indemnity or Severance Settlements
  • Replacement staff for sick leaves or Absenteeism.
  • Overall Human Resource Office Management Expenses.